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<< what I  know from co-workers who've tried it, is basically a really 
strat >>


Whether the statement is accurate is anyone's guess; i.e. that there's a 
cost in the guitar end and a 50% cost in the software/hardware/development
end (per the article on the Variax in Guitar Player).

However, there are some nice axes available now in the approx. $500 price
range. I bought a PRS Santana for $499 which is really well-made for the
price point. I also bought a close out of a Jackson DK-2S with the 
for $399. Again, pretty nicely made and decked out for 4 big ones. 'Course,
if it's a $149 item, that's another story.

Regarsd, Paul
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>   What bothers me about this though, is that the guitar itself, from what
> know from co-workers who've tried it, is basically a really cheap strat,
> and if I'm going to spend that kind of money for an instrument, <smile>
> it better be a nice one!   lol!   -just my thoughts...
> Smiles,
> Cara
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> > So how much are this sweeties?
> >
> >
> >
> > louie.....they (GP) said street price will be about $999.00.....i was
> >surprised by the very positive reviews on both accounts and the talk of
> >expandability in the near future, ability to download new models 
> >into the variax and directly connect to a puter for those of that
> >bent.....michael
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