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Re: Live Loop composing

for myself, i do a combination of both: precomposed pieces and improv. i
guess it's like structured improv really. generally i have a pre-concieved
aesthetic in my mind and a few coordinated 'bits' i've figured out in
advance. if i'm well-rehearsed and relaxed the 'bits' play a smaller part 
the performance, the rest is serendipity. if i'm not well-rehearsed and
relaxed, the performance is all about the 'bits' (and usually not as
interesting or musical - like my pathetic y2k2 performance!). i think of it
kind of like jazz musicians and scales. if a jazz player isn't 'feeling it'
they can fall back on the scale. at the same time, those scales are the
potential building blocks of a great improv.

a note about 'well-rehearsed'. this refers to the equipment as much as
playing my instrument. for example, i've been playing the cello for so long
that it's is transparent, and just a translation device for the music in my
head. i put my fingers down on the strings without thinking about where
they're going or what they're doing. the more i practice with the looping
gear-midi controller, i've noticed it starts to become transparent too, so 
can be more musical. i just hope it doesn't take as long as cello (i.e. 22

'glitch' compositions usually end up being my favorite pieces. i've spent a
lot of time recently trying to recreate glitches i liked in the past. but
i'm finding it really hard. the result has been a bit forced-souding and 
thinking that 'practicing glitches' might be an oxymoron.

> From: Louie Angulo <laab2000us@yahoo.com>
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> Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 02:03:59 -0700 (PDT)
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> Subject: Live Loop composing
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> Hi Andy,
> This is very interesting and i have been meaning to
> ask this question not only to you but most loopers
> here; do you go with preconceived musical ideas before
> you do a gig or do you start improvising with
> preconcieved techniques?Are there glitch compositions
> which you can recreate live? I would imagine this a
> hard task since like you mention on your web page
> sometimes you don?t know which buttons you pressed:-)
> Louie 
> --- Andre LaFosse <altruist@earthlink.net> wrote:
>> Hi Louie,
>> Louie Angulo wrote:
>>> can you really do this live???
>> The whole track, no - this is one of three
>> "produced" tracks on the
>> album, where I took a live EDP solo and then treated
>> it like a rhythm
>> section foundation track.  So all of the other
>> melodies and sounds on
>> "Interference" were written and recorded after the
>> fact.  But the
>> original EDP track (the gurgling sputtering metallic
>> dancehall thing,
>> which is panned dead center in the mix) is about 95%
>> live on this tune -
>> just a small bit of editing after the fact, to give
>> it a bit of
>> structure.  
>> Once the album's out, I'll probably post files of
>> the original, unedited
>> live EDP solos that were the basis for the produced
>> tracks, so you can
>> hear the difference.
>> And not to worry, Geoff Smith, I'm only releasing
>> the two tracks I've
>> already posted, as teasers for the full album.  The
>> CD will be about 73
>> minutes long, so even after the two tracks I've made
>> available for
>> download, there's still an hour's worth of music
>> that's only available
>> (or soon to be available) on the CD.  But thanks for
>> your concern for my
>> financial well-being!  ;)
>> --Andre LaFosse
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