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Re: EDP, FCB1010, MIDI clock


midi In only relates to the clock

this will work fine


my 02.   whatever  get both
efc 7 for the classic rdp functions
fcb    for the finesse fuctions

> Hi,
>     In trying to make a decision on the FCB-1010 or the EFC-7,
> dawned on me.
> If one was using the FCB-1010 to control the EDP, I'm assuming you'd
> have to set the EDP to MIDI IN, would the EDP still be able to send
> clock to other devices(an Adrenalinn and a MPX-200)?  This would be a
> key issue for me because I'd really like to sync the sounds of the
> Adrenalinn to the EDP.
> Thanks,
> John
> www.johnmazzarella.com