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EDP Momentary granulation technique...

Here's a way to get very fast, fluid, and consistent granulated moments on
the fly in your live playing:  Thanks to Claude Voit for laying out all the
pieces for me.

Requires:  Echoplex Digital Pro with LoopIV, and a MIDI controller capable
of sending press/release message strings (e.g. PC1600X, PMC-10)

Functionality:  When your foot/finger steps/presses on the designated 
the EDP will record a very short loop (grain) and loop it until you take
your foot/finger off the button, at which time it will reset the loop to
silence and be ready to go again.  Single pedal press.

Usage:  Timbral variety for held notes, or extension of staccato notes into
granular textures with duration defined by pedal depression.

Granular looping is certainly do-able without the complexity of all this
press/release programming with a simple SUS Record.  However, to achieve
what this method does would require you to record a small amount of silence
with a second SUS Record to stop the grain.  Also, the size of the gran you
can capture with a SUS Record would almost certainly be different each 
whereas this method will allow you to get a consistent grain size if you
should so desire.  Setting up several buttons with different numbers of
spacer bytes will allow you to have access to several different grain sizes
which you can mix up.

Demonstration:  Live bass and EDP, done five minutes after programming, 
no practice and no overdubs; hence, kinda sloppy, but you can see the
potential here.  And if you can't, or don't care, then I'm sorry for
spamming you with this.  I envision this technique being used in a band
setting (hence the drum loop accompaniment -- which is not coming from the
EDP).  Also, I'm using Roland PK-5 MIDI bass pedals as a trigger driving a
PC1600X here, so the large pedal swing certainly doesn't make the timing 
easier.  http://www.neoprimitive.net/jlucas/tmp/granulationexperiment.mp3

Programming:  For the press send this string (where 'n' is the MIDI channel
your EDP recieves on [0-F], and '...' is any number of empty bytes [00]
which will determine grain size):

9n 26 7F 00 00 00 00 00 ... 8n 26 00

For the release send this string (where 'n' is the MIDI channel your EDP
recieves on [0-F]):

9n 3D 7F 00* 8n 3D 00

*This is just an empty spacer byte between the note-on and off of the
DirectMIDI Reset command.  Don't know if it's necessary or even good to 
there.  Anyone?

If you have changed the Source# of your EDP, then obviously the command
strings above will have to be adapted to your change.

-Jesse Ray Lucas