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Re: FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...

I think switching Running Status off will allow the
FCB1010 to send note off messages.

--- Jesse Ray Lucas <jlucas@neoprimitive.net> wrote:
> Claude Voit says...
> "do you know that you can remote your pc1600x from a
> footcontroler "Button
> emulation " in the globals.The source of the remote
> can be note ons/off or
> prg ch from there, on the pc1600x, a button can be
> anything (sys,
> controlers, mltiple messages, scenes,start/stop
> messages etc.......)"
> ...and I am ecstatic, because I have a PC1600X and
> am looking at an FCB1010.
> Andy Butler then says...
> "the FCB1010 sends note-OFF when you release the
> footswitch
> (or an equivalent note-ON with vel=0)."
> ...Hmm, so which is it?  Note-off, or note-on
> (velocity 0)?  Wouldn't make
> much sense to me if it was to send a second note-on.
>  It can't possibly do
> that.  Unless that was somehow a programmable option
> for special situations.
> Then Scott Martin says...
>  "2. If you're using the LoopIV software, you can't
> really utilize the new
> SUS functions, which are in operation only as long
> as the button is held
> down (the FCB doesn't support sustained presses). 
> If anyone else has found
> a workaround for this (Cara, maybe?), I'd be curious
> to find out how."
> Could someone please clear this up for us?   If the
> FCB sends note-on on
> footswitch depress, and note-off on footswitch
> release then I would say it
> *does* support sustained presses and hence would be
> great for EDP
> manipulation.
> Sincerely,
> Jesse

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