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FCB1010 vs. Loopers-Delight caged deathmatch...

Claude Voit says...

"do you know that you can remote your pc1600x from a footcontroler "Button
emulation " in the globals.The source of the remote can be note ons/off or
prg ch from there, on the pc1600x, a button can be anything (sys,
controlers, mltiple messages, scenes,start/stop messages etc.......)"

...and I am ecstatic, because I have a PC1600X and am looking at an 
Andy Butler then says...

"the FCB1010 sends note-OFF when you release the footswitch
(or an equivalent note-ON with vel=0)."

...Hmm, so which is it?  Note-off, or note-on (velocity 0)?  Wouldn't make
much sense to me if it was to send a second note-on.  It can't possibly do
that.  Unless that was somehow a programmable option for special 
Then Scott Martin says...

 "2. If you're using the LoopIV software, you can't really utilize the new
SUS functions, which are in operation only as long as the button is held
down (the FCB doesn't support sustained presses).  If anyone else has found
a workaround for this (Cara, maybe?), I'd be curious to find out how."

Could someone please clear this up for us?   If the FCB sends note-on on
footswitch depress, and note-off on footswitch release then I would say it
*does* support sustained presses and hence would be great for EDP