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Re: Search for granular footpedal-osity...


do you know that you can remote your pc1600x from a footcontroler
"Button emulation " in the globals.The source of the remote can be note
ons/off or prg ch
from there, on the pc1600x, a button can be anything (sys, controlers,
mltiple messages, scenes,start/stop messages etc.......)

so a simple footcontroler (like the behringer) + a pc1600x and you have
much much more than a pmc10

the PC1600x is very powerfull and there is a complete pc editor at


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Sent: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 11:33 PM
Subject: Search for granular footpedal-osity...

> Ah... the PMC-10...  Anyone have an extra one laying around (Ebay
says, "0
> items found for digitech pmc-10")  Or an equivalently powerful
> that is in production today?
> I know someone mentioned the MIDI Mitigator once, but those are few
and far
> between as well, it seems.
> I have a PC1600X, but I need something I can step on, being a bass
> I had this idea today about playing funky basslines live with certain
> being granulated within them.  The trouble is that I can't seem to get
> consistently short loop out of the EDP foot pedal.  By doing the
> bytes (00 00 00 00 00 00 00) trick Claude suggests below, I could have
> several loop lengths specified to different pedals which would give
> different granular "tones" to notes, and be consistent about it.  And,
> ossibly even have the loops continue only while the pedal is down,
> than having to record silence to clear out the loop.
> -Jesse