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Re: EDP input/output discrepancy...

That's probably the result of the latency of the EDP and what ever 
other digital devices you might have in the change.

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, at 11:52 PM, Jesse Ray Lucas wrote:

> Also, check out this WAV file graphic.
> http://www.neoprimitive.net/jlucas/tmp/wave.jpg  This is from the 
> output of
> the EDP.  The first half is the input signal (distorted electric bass) 
> being
> recorded, and the second half is the EDP's version of it.  It's almost 
> an
> identical replica, but inverted.  Is this normal?  And, if so, why?
> -J
> P.S.  My server has been intermittent lately, so I hope it's up 
> if/when you
> decide to check the graphic out.