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Re: free improv. in a band situation

I do free improv and looping in 3 situations currently...

What we practice and learn is how to visually communicate, we practice signals, choose one syllable words as cues, and figure out how to get OUT of a train wreck if it happens!

And / or we rehearse making train wrecks musical...

I'll tell you, improvising for 4 hour shows often throughout the last year has definitely made me alert if nothing else! Plus I think its a blast!

The difficulty is that here in Montana there does not seem to be a huge audience for it!

The best thing I could tell you is talking about what you want to happen with the other musicians ... makes it happen!

If you want dynamics ... stress dynamics in a conversation ... tell everyone your thoughts, even if its during the tune! It will happen that way!

I hope my babbling helped at least a little bit...

Gregory Bruce Campbell