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Re: Admin query

At 6:15 PM +0100 4/29/03, Ian Popperwell wrote:
>Eudora Pro - only has a limited window width for the mailboxes. 
>Currently I get most of the subject which means its easier to 
>read/delete messages without having to go into each one.... I'm 
>making a bid to keep it how it is.

I'm also using Eudora, and I agree with Ian (and with Kim). The space 
devoted to  prepending [Loopers-delight] would reduce the available 
subject line.

I have no problem filtering messages. My filter for LD is this:

        Incoming, Outgoing, Manual
        Header: <<Any Header>>
        contains Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
        Transfer To *Loopers delight


Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202