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Want to raise $$ Buy a LD CD!

Ok, it's been a while since I flogged  the Looper's Delight CD#1 but
now's a good as time as any.

For those who don't know, Looper's Delight CD#1 was the first CD put
about by members of this list. it's quite varied ranging from the
beautifully sublime to the silly and playful and everything in between.
It's actually pretty damn good which is why i still carry it in our

The original plan was that proceeds of this go towards the Looper's
Delight and when the initial run sold out I cut Kim a check. We've had
only a trickle of orders since then but in the every-bit-helps idea I'll
gladly cut a bigger check if we scrape together more sales. The Cd is
now available for only $10 in the US $11 anywhere else in the world.
That includes postage.

So, make your mark, get some great music, and support LD all at the same
time. that's a win/win/win. (win win win Loop loop...)

We can  accept paypal or checks or MO payable to Help Wanted
Productions. here's more info:

Ordering and payment info:

CD info: http://www.helpwantedproductions.com/ldcd1.htm

Any questions? Send them on!

HELP WANTED PRODUCTIONS - Http://www.HelpWantedProductions.com
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