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Scoots Galore enquired about Y2K3 dates:

I am officially not even going to think about it until after this
big tour is over.   I thought planning and producing the first
Y2K2 LOOPFEST was a task.........it ain't nuttin' compared to trying to
coordinate a two and a half month tour of ten countries via
Two more weeks until our first dates.........I'm so nervous and excited and
overwhelmed with things to do........wish me luck


ps  I'm looking at most probably the end of September or first couple of
weeks of
October (when I turn 50 on the 2nd) as the most probable time frame, 
I get back to the states at the end of August and will need to decompress
from my tour.  The last festival took me a month and a half to coordinate.
This time I'll have less time so we'll see how it goes.   We will most
likely produce it as a
benefit only this time I"m considering trying out something fun that will
benefit the looping scene in Northern California for the next
year.........watch for details (he hints, tantalizingly).