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Re: Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match

mark wrote:

> So, you're point (I think) is that the clown (or the model) is in the
> eye of the beholder, eh?  If that is your point, I think I'll agree.  I
> was listening to the Variax's sitar model, and I thought they sounded
> great, a lot better than any synth sitar I've heard.  However, I've
> never owned a sitar, or played one, so what I think is a good model,
> might be a bad model if you're Ravi Shankar.  Since I hate clowns,
> anyone I see dressed as a clown is close enough to a clown for me to
> say, it's good enough.  Since I like Sitars, but can't afford a good
> one or find time to learn and play one, I'd take a Variax or what seems
> equally as good, the Roland VG-88.  Actually, I'd for sure go with the
> Roland, as I already have the hex pickup, so that makes it one less
> thing to have around.
> My guess is companies like Line6 mostly hedge the bet that the dozen or
> so amp or guitar models they give you for $400 are "good enough" as
> most people don't have 12 tube amps or 12 guitars.  Maybe they should
> call their devices, "amp aproxamators."
> So this is where the Pod and other similar devices really shine.  They
> give you a lot of decent variety for the dollar, as someone earlier
> wrote.  Maybe a few get close, maybe some sound better in some ways.
> Nothing is *exact* as even batches of tubes vary from one to another.
> Now I'm going to do a mime simulation and shut up!
> Mark Sottilaro
> On Monday, April 28, 2003, at 04:29  PM, Steve Lawson wrote:
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "mark" <sine@zerocrossing.net>
> >> Nope, I totally disagree.  If you put on big shoes and a red nose,
> >> you're a clown.
> >
> > I know professional clowns who would have a severe hissy fit at that
> > suggestion, in the same way that I get all upset when guitarists pick
> > up a
> > bass, play it like it's an oversized guitar and call themselves
> > bassists -
> > they look like bass players but are in fact guitar playing bass
> > holders. The
> > difference is only clear and label-able to the initiated, but the
> > effects
> > are felt by all. In the same way that if I dressed like a clown, you'd
> > look
> > at me and say 'Clown', but anyone who was really a clown would watch my
> > attemts at CLOWNING (a real verb, that describes a creative pursuit,
> > not
> > just an idiosyncratic dress sense) and see in a secnd that I didn't
> > have a
> > clue what I was doing. I looked like a clown, and to the uninitiated
> > could
> > pass for a clown. But a real clown could behave like a clown without
> > the
> > shoes and nose (Charlie Chaplin, anyone?) and you'd know what they were
> > doing...
> >
> > Where this fits with the valves/modelling debate is so beautifully
> > poetic,
> > I'm not going to spoil it but reducing it to some form of didactic
> > left-brain thingie... ;o)
> >
> > big love
> >
> > Steve (solo bass noodling purveyor of clown-chic - coming to a venue
> > near
> > you soon)
> > www.steve-lawson.co.uk
> >
> >

I got a Roland VG-8 when they were brand new.  I don't use it much these 
but the string instrument sounds, banjo, sitar, koto, etc.  are pretty 
I still use the bass sounds for recording.  The synth-type sounds are also
quite useful.
    If someone made me a good offer I might be willing to sell it.