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Re: Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match

good point. but there is an inexpensive way to make a sitar-guitar, if 
that is the sound you're after...( and it sounds a lot better than the 
variax..) just get a danelectro doublecut reissue ( i got mine for 
$100) and call jerry jones in nashville and order his sitar bridge 
(about $45) and it's a pretty direct install, you'll need to buy a 
trapeze tailpiece (mine was $8)... so for around $150 and about an hour 
or less of labor i have a great sounding sitar guitar.


On Monday, April 28, 2003, at 08:47 PM, mark wrote:

> So, you're point (I think) is that the clown (or the model) is in the 
> eye of the beholder, eh?  If that is your point, I think I'll agree.  
> I was listening to the Variax's sitar model, and I thought they 
> sounded great, a lot better than any synth sitar I've heard.  However, 
> I've never owned a sitar, or played one, so what I think is a good 
> model, might be a bad model if you're Ravi Shankar.  Since I hate 
> clowns, anyone I see dressed as a clown is close enough to a clown for 
> me to say, it's good enough.  Since I like Sitars, but can't afford a 
> good one or find time to learn and play one, I'd take a Variax or what 
> seems equally as good, the Roland VG-88.  Actually, I'd for sure go 
> with the Roland, as I already have the hex pickup, so that makes it 
> one less thing to have around.