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Re: Admin query

And your point is what?

At 04:50 PM 2003/04/28 -0700, das wrote:
>i fucking will bring it up if i want
>and i'll write kim as well
>but notice this from lp site
>Hi, my name is Kim Flint, I dreamed up this Looper's Delight thing and
>I'm the one who runs it (with some help....). As it happens, the site
>has grown and become very popular, and a lot of visitors to the site
>send me email. I get tons of it. Unfortunately, I'm a rather busy
>person, and I just don't have time to answer it all. Don't get me wrong,
>I like hearing from people! And I do try to answer everybody eventually.
>However, it's not uncommon for someone to ask me a question and wait as
>much as two months before they get a reply. Terrible, right? Yes,
>terrible for me and you. So, before I give you my email address, please
>read through my personal FAQ and see if you can find the answer to your