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lightweight headphones for monitoring percussion

I just found the catalogue number at Radio Shack for those
interested in those low profile, NON closed ear headphones that
allow you to monitor your loops but hear your band simultaneously.

They are catalogue number
#33-1122           they are $40 and frequently go on sale for $20.

There is so much to be dubious about with Radio Shack gear but I have
found that they frequently have headphones that kick ass that are much
cheaper than the standard AKG, Sony and Sennheiser fare that you find in
most professional recording studios.

In a panic at the Festival of Live Digital Animation in San Jose I called 
father and asked him to buy me a pair of those phones on his way to hear 

As it turns out, they were out of them and he bought the cheapest
equivalents, which were a pair of closed ear headphones for $50.

I was really bummed that he didn't get the right ones but then was
completely delighted to find out that the phones had a swivel feature which
allowed you to
swivel one (or BOTH) earphones off your head while the whole assemble stays
in place.........kind of like a custom DJ headphone.

I liked it so much that I went and bought a second pair (because they are
discontinuing them).

they have become my favorite studio headphone:  they have excellent
fidelity, incredible isolation (great for making sure that your click 
don't bleed
into your drum mics) and are so convenient for those times when you want to
slip your phones off and say something snide to the bass player about the
producer of your session........................LOL.........just kidding.

They might still be around at some Radio Shack stores.   Hunt 'em down, 
are worth it.

yours, rick walker