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Re: Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match: Clownin'

> If you put on big shoes and a red nose, 
> you're a clown.

What then of Poor Tom? Remember that act from King Lear where
Edgar ("I nothing am") is falsely accused by his bastard brother, Edmund, 
and as a result their father sends guards after the fugitive and like unto 
a bedlam beggar he grimes his 
face with filth?
Is he the thing itself as King Lear later accuses before the mock court 
scene or is he the beggar "obeyed in office"? I'm not sure that by playing 
the beggar Shakespeare is suggesting that he is the thing itself...but 
you're right, it's disagreeable. I think what Shakespeare was getting at 
is that we ARE "the thing itself," the thing underneath. The king is no
more a king than you or I, but simply because he wears the 
robes, all bow and do as they're told. Interesting debate we
are having, no?