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RE: EDP Slip StartPoint (was: ReAlign vs. QuantStartPoint)

At 12:24 AM 4/28/2003, Per Boysen wrote:
>When reading Kim's excellent (as usual :-) post on EDP sync matters an
>old question of mine came to my mind. Since I mainly use my EDP as the
>master of the midi clock chain I'm not in the need for ReAlign

the corollary of the ReAlign commands are the various StartSong commands. 
These are intended for when the Echoplex is the clock master. They allow 
you to retrigger other downstream devices and move them out of alignment, 
and then get them ReAligned with the Echoplex by sending a startsong from 
the echoplex at the right time. Or letting you change the startpoint on 
Echoplex and retrigger downstream devices to now consider that new point 
the downbeat. Just as powerful as the ReAlign idea, but in the other 

>rather a "SlipStartPoint by Quantize value". Can't remember I have read
>or heard about such a feature but maybe I have overlooked something?

startpoint commands go instantly, so I guess that idea isn't directly 
possible. It wouldn't make any sense to quantize it for the case of 
quantize=cycle or loop, it would end up in the same place. It would make 
sense for quantize=8th, so that is an interesting idea.

If you have a sequencer sync'd to the echoplex clock you can use that to 
send the startpoint command in rhythm.


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