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Re: EDP ReAlign vs. QuantStartPoint...


    Thank you for that very complete answer to my question(s)!  Turns out
that my drifting problems were caused by my sequencer sending a Song
Continue signal rather than a Song Start, which I guess is what the EDP 
my sampler) wants to hear to reset its clock from.  At least, since I told
the sequencer to use Start Song everything has been fine, with no drift.
But I'm glad I asked this question anyway, because now I understand so much
more about the commands involved.  For some reason that was not all clear 
me from reading the manual.

    I also now understand how StartPoint can be used to stutter a loop
rhythmically, thanks to your description.  I will make use of this, ASAP.

    Thanks, Kim.


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> I hope that made sense for you.
> kim