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Re: Tubes versus Modeling Caged Death Match

> This oughtta make Stanner spit fire--
> http://www.line6.com/Variax/index.html
> Gary
> PS  Modeling is a compromise but as Bill says gets better all the
> time--wonder how good this thing FEELS?
> G

nawwww-no problemoooo,g
i realize that people HEAR things differently-
if i were in a band i'm sure i would be totally tubular-(i hear there is a
tube wah pedal that i have to find out about,i know there are tube cd
being that i am a loopist and loop thangs being in the digital domain i 
tend to go overboard w/ tube stuff and to (over)compensate for that
digitallness being in my signal chain...thatsall.
i may seem obsessive 'bout it-but in the end its about the music...it 
moves ya or it doesnt
sometimes it 'moves' people right out of the room in my case