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Re: LOOPING on MAINFRAME Computers -- WAS: TRIVIA QUESTION replyto Dr Richard Zvonar

At 6:08 PM -0400 4/27/03, David wrote:
>You're shitting me!!  People were looping on DEC PDP-11's !!!!!!
>Oh my God.
>What a thought.  Hey, was anyone looping  on DEC 10's or DEC 20's??

I suppose Andy Moorer or Dick Moore might know.

Looping of the sequencer variety was possible on the Bell Labs GROOVE 
system (ca.1970).

I don't know about looping on PDPs, but in 1969 I attended a 
demonstration at Project Mac, MIT that featured an interactive duet 
between mainframe computer and musical saw. John Cage was the MC. 
Gordon Mumma played the saw part and Steve Smoliar was at the 
computer console. The saw sounds were digitized and analyzed by the 
computer, which then responded with its own synthesized part.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202