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New Loop Song of the Month...

Here's a new loop song for the month of May posted a bit early.
www.jimmygeorgeband.com/mp3s/PinchingMyEarsMasterBlaster.mp3 you can also
stream it RealAudio from my front page at the bottom of the left side menu.

I'm using an old eps performance sampler with the rhoads sound and looping
it with the a/b loop in the boomerang plus for the verse and chorus
triggering it real time as I played and sang the primary vocal tracks. The
acoustic is miked with a c1000s and also direct. Vocals are from the akg
c3000b. It is a very basic recording with no drums or bass. The swell
sounds, cln & distortion, are also from my acoustic through my johnson
millennium amp. The accordion sound is another sample from the eps thanks 
David Coffin from our list.

This was recorded for a film, Tahoe, The Movie, coming out of Manhattan
Theatre Source in NY. It is a haunting little melody about vegetarianism 

Any feed back is most welcome. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.