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Re: Re Re: Loop Music for download

At 06:32 AM 4/25/2003, Michael Firman wrote:
>I have a question (Loop4 question actually). In the documentation
>it says that Insertmode=rPL is only in effect if Quantise=Off.

Where did you see that? In the old Echoplex manual, under InsertMode, it 
says it IS affected by quantize. In fact, that manual is missing a 
description of how it works unquantized. The description there is really 
only explaining how it works with quantize on. The new EDP+ manual has a 
better explanation.

>is going on here? Actually the LoopIV doc says that Insertmode=rPL
>is the same as before (i.e. as in LoopIII) and the LoopIII doc states that
>this only works for Quantise=Off.

It is the same as in LoopIII. A sustain action Replace when quantize is 
off. With Quantize on it replaces the quantize period exactly.

>What is the effect of doing this
>(Insertmode=rPL and Quantise=8th)?

When you press Replace down, it waits for the next 8th note to start the 
replace. When you release Replace waits for the next 8th note to end it. 
you just tap it you will get a single 8th note.

(the 8th notes don't have to be 8th notes in fact. It is a subdivision of 
the loop cycle set by the 8ths/cycle parameter. Quantize=8th follows this 
subdivision. The default setting of 8ths/cycle is 8, for 8th notes. But 
can set it to anything and have any rhythmic subdivision you want.)

>Where in the doc (either LoopIV
>or LoopIII, if at all) is this described?

Under InsertMode in the old manual. The new EDP+ manual has a whole 
for replace.

Forget the manual, go try it! It is obvious when you use it.


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