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Re Re: Loop Music for download

> Really cool, Andy. I liked the warble effect you achieve at the end of 
> lengthy notes. How is that accomplished?
>  You are really using the EDP very musically. (I assume this is your 
> tool.) Come to think of it...
>  Can this kind of thing be accomplished with the Repeater?

Thankyou for your kind words.
Yes it's all EDP and Vortex.
The warble effect is achieved using a Lexicon Vortex patch
which has a small pitch modulation in the feedback of an echo
( so with each repeat the modulation gets deeper, although the
effect can vary with different tap times).

There's 3 things you can't do with a Repeater (at least) on the track
1) Record a loop then go straight into overdub seemlessly (start of the 
2) The effect that sounds like a wierd step sequencer is Loop4 only, with
   Quantise=8th and InsertMode=rPL you only have to tap Insert once and
   you can accurately replace a single beat of the loop.
3) Loop Windowing at 2mins into the track. By then I've multiplied the 
   original "sequence" to a longer loop, hitting Undo takes things back
    in the "loop history" so that you can hear the way the "sequence" was 
built up.

andy butler