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Re: howie day on carson daly (acoustic/vocal loops)

Scott Hansen wrote:

> fyi: i saw howie day (singer/songwriter, youngish looking guy)
> on carson daly (i taped it, can't stay up that late) from Tues nite.
> he played some acoustic/singer/songwriter thingie (which was decent), but
> the cool thing i saw was that at the end of the song he was
> hitting some buttons on the floor and he started a acoustic rhythm
> loop, and added to it, then hit another button and did a quick
> little vocal loop. this probably went on for a minute or so at the
> end of the song. it was quite cool to see live on a relatively
> "mainstream" tv show. tv didn't show the floor pedals he was using, but
> i just checked some fan page site for him, and it looks like his setup
> has 2 line 6 delay modelers (DL4). he also had during certain parts of
> his song certain echo/delay things going on his voice to give emphasis.
> pretty interesting performance i thought. thought i'd share.
> s---
> --

I saw Howie Day on Carson Daily as well.  Personally, I'm a big fan.
Musically, I do a lot of similar things because I'm also a 
who incorporates looping.
    As for his gear.  He has one pedalboard for his guitar(DL-4, Boss DD-5,
Boss OC-2) and one pedalpoard for his voice(DD-5, DL-4, some other stuff
too).  He keeps his signal paths seperate.
    His album Austrailia is really good.  No looping on it as far as I can
tell.  However, next week, a new Howie Day EP will be released.  From what 
read, a companion DVD comes with it.  The DVD is supposed to be a live
performance(probably with a lot of looping) Anyway, I'll certainly check it
out and send a review to this list.