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(OT)video projector rental

Is there any one of you in the vague san-francisco/bay area who has a 
projector that you would be willing to rent out? Or know of a place with 
decent rates?

We are having a benefit party for our burning man camp and all the people 
who promised projectors (and other things) seem to not actually have 
to a projector to promise... Ah the joys of event planning. We need to 
two movies and a bunch of shorts so we need one that won't overheat under 
that kind of use. We are happy to pay a reasonable rental fee and will 
return the projector with a new bulb.

If anyone can help please email me at armyofpie@hotmail.com, thanks for 
time, sorry to wander so very far off topic.

Will Wright
Army of Pie

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