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Repeater Price/EDP price

Whilst I dearly love my Repeater, I'm really starting to think that it 
really is the wrong box for me. I never use the tap tempo, rarely sync 
to midi clock, I don't really utilise the 4 tracks and never play 
around with the pitch/slip options. I was brought up using the DL4's 
organic style of looping, and the EDP is probably the ideal looping box 
for me. Hell, I think I'd be able to create more with a bank of echo 
pro's that what I am managing with the Repeater....

Whilst I know that ideally, I would definitely utilise fully both units 
should I have them, my desire for the organic features of the EDP 
override my equipment lust and greed....

So my question is this: What price do the Repeaters go for second hand? 
And what price are the new EDP+'s? I've not found them for sale here in 
France yet, and a quick search online has come up with zilch.

Also, would it be feasible to offer my Repeater in exchange for an 
EDP+?.... questions questions questions :)

Cheers all. :)