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Equalizers for room resonance?

Sorry 'bout this OT.
..and for losing the original posts.
but this is for the guy who asked about equalizers
for his loop studio, which had a room resonance problem.

1) first try re-positioning speakers, maybe further from the walls
2) I have a similar problem with a decent hifi in a small living room, 
   and sometimes use 
    the Behringer Ultragain (with parametric EQ) to reduce the problem. I 
   notice any sound degradation with this, but the result isn't "studio 
3) Graphic EQ is used in some high end studios to compensate for
    room sound, but usually quite small adjustments.
4) You'll also have to deal with higher harmonics of the resonance. 
5)  EQ will never "solve" this problem, only help to make it less 
6)  Large studios spend vast sums of money to purpose build a room that
    doesn't have these sorts of problems
7)  There's a thing called a "bass trap" , a large box designed to soak up
     room resonances at specific frequencies. Probably too big for your 
8) Move house.

this is a common problem, and usually no easy solution.

andy butler