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hello from new member...

Just joined this group the other night. I had stumbled across the LD website once before, but didn't check it out because I assumed (I know, my bad) it was about the kind of "looping" connected with the Acid software series (I have nothing against Acid, I just don't use that program,yet). Then, while searching for info about the Akai Headrush box, I discovered what LD is really about- a pleasant surprise!

I got into looping with reel-to-reel tape machines in 1976, at age 16. I had worked like a dog during the summer of '75 to get my first dinky little analog modular synthesizer. A friend had "liberated" a Sony TC-630 tape machine from our high school music department after discovering it abandoned and forgotten in some dark corner. I used the Sony for sound-on-sound experiments initially. Then, I borrowed another R-R tape machine from an acquaintance, and threaded both machines up, thanks to the diagram Eno thoughtfully provided on the back of his Discrete Music lp. Wow, what a mindblower! A quantum leap in my musical explorations.

The last 10 years or so I've mostly been doing midi loops with a sequencer, which I use like a tape recorder- no quantizing or metronomes for me! I still thread up some tape machines occaisionally, though for what I'm into, the midi loops are the primary foundation. I'm interested in getting into some of the current long-delay devices, and I am especially curious to know if there are any units that will sync to a midi clock (as a slave, not the master clock)- would someone please enlighten me about this?

Judging from the number of posts I've been getting,this is a very active group! That's good- I need some stimulation!

Looking forward to more interesting info/discussions...


Tim Fluharty