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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V03 #270

> SoundFNR@aol.com (andy butler)wrote:
>   > 100k linear pot to a mono jack seems to work.
>   > (the one I use doesn't have the full range, being one
>   > of those old type mechanisms that doesn't turn the pot fully,
>   > the measured range is 0 to 80k )
>   > but from the response I'm not sure a log pot wouldn't
>   > be better.
>   > ..so any old swell pedal might work.
>  Just to clarify my previous message, I got this from the archives
>  George Van Wagner of Line 6 wrote:
>  http://www.loopersdelight.com/LDarchive/200002/msg00435.html
>  Heelback 0++, toe down 10k++. that's the secret formula. Now you can 
>  modify your pedal to work, or buy one of ours and keep your vintage 
>  pedal intact (actually, my Boss RV-100 measures just that). Don't tell 
>  the boss I told ya.

I stand corrected ;-)
1) this formula doesn't tell you log or linear. 
2) just done some experiments with a Filter Pro, some vol pedals
    and an ohmmeter. 0 to 10k won't give you the full range, you 
    need 0 to about 16k. With the line6 Filter Modellers its very easy 
   to tell if you have a full range if you use the pedal to control the
   pitch of the synth patches. I would have expected that all the line6
  gear used the same pedal spec. and certainly that all the "pro" range
   would want exactly the same pedal.
3) Reversing the toe-up heel-down won't really matter, as the unit is 
4) If you modify a vol/exp pedal, don't forget that sometimes the mechanism
    won't move the pot through it's full range.
5) the Boss FV-50L works perfectly . 
6) a standard expression pedal isn't wired correctly, but you could 
   put a mono jack on it and that should work.

andy butler