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Re: EQ ot

         SVG queried:
>    Question: 
>  Will they (the Behringer 31 band EQ) destroy the otherwise pristine 
>studio sound 
>  that I currently have?

        Andy wrote back:
>If it's pristine now then why fix it?
>Graphic EQs are primarily for sorting out problems.
>The cheaper units won't even have a pristine bypass.

     Sorry, I should have clarified what I'm looking for.  My studio sound 
is pristine.  The
ceiling height (9'3") of the room emphasizes the frequency B an octave 
below middle C (61 Hz).  Is
a graphic EQ going to fix this easily without messing up the overall 
quality of the sound or am I
better off with a parametric notch filter?  And will that degrade the 
overall sound if I just use
it to kill that particular room resonance?

     Of course having a usable EQ is a good thing for gigs, that would be 
a secondary benefit.  My
first priority is fixing this boomy resonance.  $140 for a parametric is a 
lot cheaper than doing
some sort of room baffle modification.
     Me again:
>       I have steered away from Behringer in the past mainly due to the 
>  sonic quality of their mixers compared to Mackie.

     Andy again:
> last time I checked Mackies had rough sounding pre-amps,
> and I didn't like the EQ.
> Has anyone actually AB'ed Behringer/Mackie properly? 

     I have not A/B'd them properly, though my ear tells me that they are 
in vastly different

     Thanks for the help,


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