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Re: Types of Music

I compose on my 6 or 12 string fretless basses.And,yes it's quite
performance based with 95 % of things tending to happen in real time.
I think of it as being inspired by progressive rock,Indian(American and
East)Music,Middle Eastern Music and Meditation.It gets catagorised as
Ambient,Space or New Age music. A recent review in Bassinside Magazine
said it wasn't "New Age" music but something else entirely -"timeless
and ancient" and a "window on another world."I really liked this because
I felt the listener had heard what I have been attempting to express.
 I feel your music is very welcome here.One of the fascinating results
of looping is blurring the lines between performance, composition,
recording and sampling.And, I feel this happens in such a way that we
can meet and learn from each other in ways that were just not possable
without the current technologies we all gloat,laud,long for and scratch
our heads over.
Scott Kungha Drengsen