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Video Installations 4.21.03 - 5.4.03


I'll be having three video installations up during the next couple of 
weeks. There will be a 2 monitor installation in the windows of the 
Zeitgeist Gallery being installed on April 21 and up until May  4. 
The other artists in the show are very interesting also -- so a trip 
to the gallery during its open hours is most recommended. The opening 
for this show is on 4.26 at 3:30 PM.

If you want to combine art with a trip to the country, one of my 
pieces will be at the Monson Art's Center  from 4.26 to 5.4, with the 
opening also at 4.26. The show last year had a lot of fine work.

I'll have a two monitor with sound installation as part of 
COLLISIONfive opening reception on Sunday 4.27, from 1 to 8 PM. This 
is in the lobby outside the Compton Gallery at MIT. The COLLISIONfive 
show includes robotics and computer based art, and is guaranteed to 
surprise and stimulate.

More details (in more formal prose) below.

Video artist  Doctor T (Emile S. Tobenfeld Ph. D) is pleased to 
announce 3 upcoming video installations.

Doctor T creates "visual music" or "visual poetry: (whichever 
metaphor you prefer), by taking real-world image sources and 
combining and treating them in the computer, and sequencing the 
images using musical strategies such as theme and variations and 
improvisation. His pieces use a small number of thematic images, 
which are then computer processed and combined and collaged with 
other images to make sequences of moving images -- a "music for the 

He will have a piece titled Astro Blue vs. The Zeitgeist Mix in the 
window of the Zeitgeist Gallery as part of  Digital Collage , which 
will be on display from April  21 to May 4. The show in the gallery 
will include work by Dave Grant, David Gordon,  Daina Krumins, and 
Joanne Kaliontzis.

This piece uses two looped and phased DVD players, and is part of his 
"Video Synchronicities" series, which explores the connections 
between multiple images both deliberately and serendipitously 
combined. This piece plays minimal mostly abstract images (Astro 
Blue) off a video derived from many image sources, mixed with images 
of the gallery sign  (The Zeitgesit Mix).

1353 Cambridge St. Inman Sq. Cambridge
69 Bus from Harvard Gate
NEW PHONE: 617.876.6060

The opening reception is on Saturday April 26, from 3:30 - 6:30 PM. 
The gallery is open from 2 to  7 PM Tuesdays - Sundays. My piece will 
be in the window and can be viewed at any time.


He will have a piece called Water Music  at

The Heaven Below
The Heaven Above
Monson Arts Council 10 Annual Spring Art Exhibition & Sale
April 26 - May 4, 2003,
Monson Arts Centre
200 Main Street
Monson, MA 01057

with the opening on April 26, at  1 PM

Do not be fooled by the small town venue -- this show rocks!

Water Music consists of images of water,  collaged using computer 
animation techniques, and improvisationally sequenced. The piece is a 
musical treatment of some (a tiny fraction) of the textural and 
evocative properties of water imagey. It is set to a soundtrack of 
electronic music, composed my Michael Robinson, and based on a raga 
inspired by the Ganges River,

He will have a piece entitled "Video Synchronicities -- The Bridge 
and The Elements" at the opening reception of  COLLISIONfive, the 
next dimension, a celebration of art and technology at Compton 
Gallery at MIT. The Compton Gallery is in the main complex at MIT (77 
Mass Ave, under the dome). The opening is on Sunday, April 27th, from 
1 pm until 8PM.

The Bridge and The Elements is a 2 DVD presentation, with soundtracks 
by Doctor T and Neil Leonard. The piece uses images of the Brooklyn 
Bridge at night, offset by images of water, fire, ice, and steel 

MIT Compton Gallery Apr26-May11, 2003
Opening reception Sun Apr 27th, 1-8pm

for more info, go to http://www.ai.mit.edu/~jrb/cc/events/c5.htm

COLLISIONfive is part of the 2003 Boston Cyberarts Festival

" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley

                Emile Tobenfeld, Ph. D.
Video Producer                  Image Processing Specialist
Video for your HEAD!                    Boris FX
http://www.foryourhead.com              http://www.borisfx.com