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Electrix Filter Factory and Mo-Fx

My dear good friend, Michael Klobuchar was extolling the virtues
of the Electrix Filter Factory and the Mo-Fx (and let me pipe in for the
Warp Factory vocoder as well).

These are amazing machines designed for real time performance loop 
All the effects are time based, can be synced off of loops in multiples and
divisions (fantastic for creating real time 'jungle' and ersatz glitch

Given, the quality of the effects is not as high as a really good Lexicon 
TC Electronics DSP box, but the ability to do musical and especially
manipulations of tremelos, filter sweeps, flanges, choruses, distortion and
echoes is just amazing.

At Loopstock, someone had one of each of these devices for sale for $175
each and I was just astonished that no one jumped for it.

Oh yeah, and the buttons are designed  1) to take the abuse of a good drum
machine button and 2) to engage the effect if the effect is turned off or
disengage the effect if it is turned on..................

..........one trick I love is to put a radical telephone filter on a looped
drum or percussion part and then 'play' the disengage button like a drum
which allows
individual bass drums to come in at very loud volume and in full spectrum.
This is a really cool effect until you disengage the button and the groove
begins in earnest.

I love my ELECTRIX gear, I have to say..............a shame they couldn't
figure out how to market better.

yours, Rick