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Re: microphones

>You're kidding, rihgt (sic)? "Down in price"?!
>Musician's Friend has them for $899!!!! PLEASE
>tell me there's something less expensive than
>that available!

There are plenty of microphones to choose from. Someone asked 
for advice on types, it may or may not have been the writer quoted above. 
Have fun shopping. You know, at a gig in a 
little smokey hole-in-the-wall place last night, this great 
big drunk fella grabbed my microphone (the other guitarist 
was singing at the time) and he started to howl into it. It 
wasn't loud enough for him, so he started fumbling for the 
switch to turn it on with. I started to laugh. He never did find it.

I think every studio should have a secret weapon, so to speak. A gem. 
Something you pull out when you need to capture 
the essence of a performance or moment. All crafts have their associated 
prices. Those mahogany Grado headphones look nice. Some are $700.00. 
Volvos are nice too. They start around $30,000.00. Boss makes a looper 
that gets players up and running for a couple hundred. If you were to ask 
what looper to buy, most folks here, myself included, would tell you to 
consider the EDP, regardless of the price. Craftsmanship is more difficult 
to achieve than the customer realizes.
 It's like that scene in Mansfield Park where some of the rich folks are 
relocating and need a cart to move their stuff from point A to point B. It 
happened to be during harvest time. 
They couldn't find a cart, even from the peasants, to save their life. No 
amount of money could pry the cart from the people who needed them. In the 
same way, you can't buy 
brains. The people (engineers) who create these amazing tools 
should be amply rewarded. (Unfortunately, there's a lot more involved than 
them: read Atlas Shrugged for starters.) So, when putting together 
something that is going to last a lot longer than your mortal body, buying 
the best is, again in my opinion, a far better way to go than buying the 
quick and 
dirty. $799.00 or &899.00 for a supurb microphone that will bristle with 
the energy that you feed it is worth it. Many nice performances were 
captured by a needle scratching a wax 
disc once upon a time. I'm sure they would have used a Neumann if they had 
had one.

I'm tired of writing this. All lies and jest still a man hears what he 
wants to hear and disregards the rest...la la 
l'la. (I'm thankful someone used good microphones on those

No kidding here, lad.