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     All this talk about eBay Sellers got me looking into this 
SMProductionsinc guy.  I noticed a
few items that I've been thinking about for a while so I thought I'd ask 
this list.  (One degree
of separation here, this is all about refining my looping studio).

     He had a Behringer GEQ3102 on sale for $140, $10 less than Musician's 
Friend (though it's
gone from his list today).  This is your basic dual channel 31 band EQ.  
Looking around in MF for
other EQ's, they range from around $130 to $1500 for this type.  Question: 
what is the big
difference between EQ's?  I know that some of them have switchable ranges 
from +/- 6dB to +/-
12dB, some are two rack spaces while others are four, and the sonic 
quality theoretically
increases with each clam you lay down... other than that I mean.  Does 
anyone have experience with
budget 31 band EQ's?  Will they destroy the otherwise pristine studio 
sound that I currently have?

     Second question:  He also has the Behringer Ultra Q Tube Processor (T 
1951) for sale at $189
($11 less than MF).  Does anyone have experience with this beast?  It is a 
four band stereo (or
dual mono) parametric EQ with Sovtek tubes.  How quiet is it?  Do the 
tubes need to be upgraded to
other ones to improve the overall sound?  I noticed on Harmony Central 
that some people were
complaining about the tubes on another Behringer unit (the T1952 Tube 
Composer) saying that the
tubes were under powered (>100v) at less than their optimal working 
voltage (circa 300v).  Do
tubes need to be run at full power to work well?  Or is that only for some 
applications and not

     I have steered away from Behringer in the past mainly due to the 
lower sonic quality of their
mixers compared to Mackie.  They have some pretty incredible prices on a 
lot of gear and I can't
help but think that there are some serious compromises in sonic quality to 
be made.  Perhaps this
is true on some of their gear and not others?  Some of their manuals are 
clear and straight
forward (like their mixer manuals), others (like the FCB1010) are written 
English-as-a-second-language writer-nerds.



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