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Having more fun with my edp

The kids are out destroying the neighborhood so I got to spend some time
messing around with LoopCopy and MoreLoop parameters.  I'm finding setting
MoreLoop=4 and dynamically tweaking LoopCopy (on/off/time) as inspired 
up a much bigger world of loop exploration particularly in the realm of
foundation grooves.  I'm ashamed to say that it has taken me this long to
find this out; but happy, all the same, that I did.

Setting MoreLoop<=4 seems to give enough memory to the partition to allow
for some undos if you have multiplied the original cycle in subsequent

Of course this leads into questions about what a stereo edp setup w/bass on
the other channel could do.....</ grin></ chuckle>

Have a nice weekend, everyone.


P.S.  Sonic Blender:A Looping Event is happening very soon.  Peter will be
posting an announcement soon about this, but you guys may want to look at
http://www.randomsalt.com/events/sonicblender.php to get some info early
about who is playing.