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Promo:GTMBA-4/18-vidnaObmana.Matt Borghi.Jason Sloan.Quentini, et al

Final reminder!  Sorry for the nagging!
Please distribute widely.

Friday, April 18th:
Gate to Moonbase Alpha Ambient/Experimental Series, with (in order of 
appearance): Stares to Nowhere (http://www.starestonowhere.com), The 
Joke, The Great Quentini (performance art), vidnaObmana 
(http://www.vidnaobmana.be), Matt Borghi (http://www.mattborghi.com) with 
Jason Sloan (http://www.jasonsloan.org). +VJ Cut to the Chase

^^8pm-12am. The Rotunda: 4014 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA.  Admission is 
Free for all ages. More info: http://www.foundationarts.org, 

Special note on vidnaObmana: Ambient musician vidnaObmana is one of 
spacemusic's brightest stars.   Using synthesizers, audio processors, and 
vast array of exotic instruments, Belgian electronic musician vidnaObmana 
creates a complex, layered musical journey through rhythms, timbres, 
and sonic atmospheres.   The name vidnaObmana means "optical illusion" in 
Serbo-Croation, a term he picked up while vacationing in Croatia during 
childhood.   He chose this phrase as his musical persona to illustrate how 
his music correlates sonically with the surreal soundscapes he creates.   
vidnaObmana is a prolific composer whose diverse body of work ranges from 
post-industrial through gently atmospheric, to tribal ambient and more.   
music slowly shifts through electronic audio imagery, creating extremely 
personal works of atmospheric delight.  
Throughout his career, vidnaObmana has explored the abrasive side of 
electronic composition, using freeform soundscapes, international music 
traditions, and post-classical experimentations.   His music has been 
released widely by many independent labels worldwide, including: 
Release/Relapse, Amplexus, Extreme, Hypnos, Mirage, Multimood, Projekt and 

vidnaObmana will make another area appearance Saturday, April 19, at  The 
Soundscapes Concert Series, in Bethlehem, PA. Info: http://soundscapes.us