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Re: Loopy eek end in SF: performance on at

hey, post away, show postings of good loopy stuff good for our lil' 
enjoyed several of your mp3s quite a bit, hmmmmm big bowed strings, so 
noticed you play with quite a few people, do you do recording sessions as 

saturday busy loopy day in s.f., isn't marklar doing something in the 


Zoe Keating wrote:

> Jumping on the bandwagon of this Looping Performance thread...here are 
> loop-related things I'm a part of this weekend.
> Hope it's okay to post this? I won't make a regular habit of it, 
> I'm playing an impromptu solo gig at the Brainwash cafe on Folsom Street 
> all places.  Saturday night at 8:30 pm. Just cello, repeater and washing
> machines.
> Also, recently I started playing with an instrumental group called 
> Atlas (http://www.charles-atlas.com). The group consists of 2 guitars
> (looped of course!), piano and myself on cello (also looped!). The We're
> playing on Friday, April 18th, at a warehouse space called 964 Natoma. 
> the perfect place to hear this kind of music: beanbags, futons, couches,
> pillows everywhere, chai to drink.