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Re: How to make bump free drones in EDP?

On Monday, April 14, 2003, at 08:32AM, Kim Flint 
<kflint@loopers-delight.com> wrote:

>no, overdub only reduces the feedback while overdub is on, to reduce the 
>likelihood of overloading the loop. More precisely, overdub only reduces 
>the feedback while overdub is on and you are actually playing something 
>into the loop.
>where in the manual do you see it saying otherwise?

on pdf page 41, Reference 4-17 "Feedback Knob"

... "For most looping operations, feedback is set to 100% ... "
"While you're overdubbing or multiplying, the feedback level is scaled 
back to about 95% to prevent overloading the Echoplex with the combination 
of the old signal and the new."

Maybe I am missunderstanding this but ...

I recorded a loop using the overdub method (with Feedback set to 100% 
using a midi pedal), turning overdub off after creating the loop and the 
loop after a short while began to gradually fade to almost nothing.  When 
creating the loop by ending it with record instead of overdub, the loop 
played indefinitely with no reduction in sound level.  With this test, I 
found it pretty convincing that using overdub, it is not possible to keep 
feedback set to 100% and prevent the loop from fading.  If I am missing 
something here, please help me understand the right way.