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Ahoy ye loop scalawags--
I sold Paul a MIDI foot controller (list $495!!  I think I paid $325 new in
the Eighties) made by Lake Butler
Systems called the Mitigator--I don't know if he used it on the loop that's
posted . . .
I haven't heard the mp3 'cause I don't like giving my info to MP3.com--
And as far as the MPX-G2--I gave up trying to use it for percussion
loops--but soon I am going to see if it can take the place of my GT-3 Boss
effector.  Thing is, there's no amp models--it's old technology--and I like
running to a full range speaker--I am mixing keyboard sounds in with the
guitar (effected) signal, and don't want to run it to a grungy ol' tube amp
and knarl the MIDI keyboard sounds.  Only one way to find out, and that's 
try it.
And as far as the percussion loops, looks like the second Loop IV EDP is
going to do that task--works most of the time . . . gotta kinda look at it
every once in a while tho--
So that's the story on me and Paul and the MIDI foot thingie--I am happy
with the PMC-10.  One thing I noticed at SLO is that a clinic on the
Behringer foot controller would have been usefull--lots of those units
there, and a couple of folks complaining about the relative difficulty of
programming it.