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Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I'd call the MPX-G2 a "must buy" although I do 
like it.  It's got that "hi-fi" sound I love.  Rich deep complex tone.  
For clean sounds it's superb... but I can't help but wonder if another 
MPX1 would have been just as good.  (Since I got the G2 for the price 
of an MPX1 with a MPXR1 controller, it doesn't matter to me).  It's 
"tube amp" simulation is less than stellar in my opinion.  Almost too 
"hi-fi".  I like a juxtaposition of hi-fi and DIRT.  However in the 
effects loop of my all tube Ampeg Reverbrocket it sounds amazing.  When 
I'm going direct into a board I put a real tube pre (Rocktron Piranha) 
in it's effect loop.  Here's my issues with the MPX-G2:

Distorted patches aren't that good... some are OK for a good Fuzztone.

JamMan... whatever.  It's *not* a JamMan.  It will sync a loop to a 
midi clock though.  One of the reasons I got the G2 was because I 
thought if the JamMan feature was good, I could do a show with single 
space rack.  Not happening.  I'm spoiled with the Repeater's abilities 
and I can't go back!  Add another 2 spaces.  What about the nice tube 
sound?  Add another.  Oh, and my synth tones... add another 2.

So much for that big idea... the dream of a small rig DASHED TO PIECES!

Like Gary said, like most Lexicon gear be prepared to have your head in 
a manual for a while.  If you know the MPX1, you'll be fine.  The two 
are very similar and I was figuring out most if it in no time.  I guess 
I'm used to stuff like this because I don't even notice that it's 
complex anymore.  Working in music retail and figuring out used gear 
without manuals has made my gear fu strong!  The great thing about it 
is it's POWERFUL.  You can get *really* deep.

So... if I had the chance to do it all again... I'd probably just get 
another MPX1... though I've not actually gone Rocktron into the MPX1 
then into the board.  Might need some sort of cab modeler afterwards... 
  But don't take all this with too much weight.  To be honest, I've been 
slammed at work and I have not spent enough time with the G2 and a lot 
of the time has been spent with headphones.  I was hoping for a single 
rack space solution to a great guitar tone. (sans amp)  I didn't get 
it.  I keep getting the feeling that with some more digging I'm going 
to find some gold in that box.  Well, more gold I should say, as right 
out of the box it's pretty impressive.

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, April 11, 2003, at 03:57 PM, Mountain Man wrote:

> I'm also a long-term MPX-1 owner who simply loves it.   I'm curious as 
> to what it is about the MPX-G2 that made it an "also buy", Mark?
> Thanks,
> Elby
>> Subject: Re: Getting rid of the Vortex...
>> Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2003 17:27:36 -0700
>> From: mark <sine@zerocrossing.net>
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> So, I actually got the MPX1 to replace the Vortex, and to be honest,
>> I've never looked back.  If you're low on cash and looking for an
>> interesting box, the Vortex is your toy, no doubt.  However, if you're
>> looking for better quality effects and easier control, the MPX1 is a
>> wonderful piece of kit.  I liked it so much I ended up with a MPXG2 as
>> well, though I must say it's distortion patches can be kind of cold
>> sounding.  Since I'm using a Rocktron Piranha in it's effects loop,
>> that's not an issue for me.
>> Mark Sottilaro