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Loopstock 2003

 I had a blast at Loopstock this year, I really want to thank you Hans, for
all the effort you put in to making it happen. I know you were disappointed
with the turnout, but it didn't matter, anyone of us who performed, or were
spectators had a great time and the vibe was happening, as was the music.
 It was a great event from the start, with Dennis Leas' amazing Kyma demo
and palm pilot librarian for EDP. I marveled at what Max V was able to do
with the jamman with Bob Sellion upgrade. Makes me wanna dust mine off and
install the chip, bugs or no bugs. I also appreciated his philosophical
take on the art of looping.  I felt I gave a somewhat uneven clinic on the
Repeater. I didn't take the time to prepare and I felt like I wandered a
bit. I hope I got across at least a few tips and insights. A good lesson in
being prepared..Rick's talk on looping strategies and perception of time
was a great  change of pace from the tech talk and I think everyone came
away with an expanded view of rhythmic (LOL)
The performances, beginning with Hans' Phat Beats and Bass grooves, were
excellent. Everyone to a man (hhhmm, where were the LoopLadies?), had
really evolved since the last time this happened. It seemed to me that
everyone had really been working on developing their looping concepts and
it reflected in the performances. Everyone was so much more polished, Max's
loop transitions were so seamless, and his stage sound was impeccable.
There were more risks being taken by the percussionists, with Steve Rice
picking up the Bass, Jon Wagner playing a cool little Korg synth, and Rick
playing the dulcimer (though he wouldn't take my request to do some Joni!).
In each case it really added to each performers set, Stan Card's first
piece was very cool and very  different from his atmospheric surf music.
Right on Stanitarium for trying something new. Mark Hamburg created lovely
soundscapes and seemed to have a greatly expanded sonic palette. Jon
Whooley played an  beautiful soprano sax duet, and  cool, funny, over the
top vocal beat box stuff, and, like Rick, showed how much music can be made
with a couple of DL4's, and a vivid imagination. I had a nearly glitch free
set (my fcb1010 shut down a couple of times due to schmutz in the power
cord socket, damn). I think I had a good set, thought the highlight for me
was the collaborative music that I played with both Max and Jon Wagner,
particularly the improve that closed the show, which was particularly
sublime. Thanks to both men for being so generous with their set times.
 All in all, a great event and thanks again to Hans for making it happen.
Bill Walker