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Loopstock 2003

Hans did a great job this year. The venue was impressive. That probably 
the audience seem even thinner than it was, but the large stage made it
reasonable to have a lot of people set up at once. (I just wish I hadn't 
to strike my gear so that I could have joined in on some of the 

The clinics were great. This was something where it worked well having a
small, technically savvy audience. And again the space worked well. There
was enough room for everyone to set up so we didn't have long pauses 
clinics and there was space for the audience to get close. The combination
of hardware demos with Rick Walker's helping us all to develop a better
sense of rhythm was a very pleasant mix.

I'll try to get some pictures processed and posted soon though I'll 
have to clear some MP3s off of my site to make room.

Thanks, Hans!