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Re: Vortex

> On the Vortex you can morph 
>  between two totally different sets of effects!  That's the beauty.  
>  What happens in the middle of the morph?  Roll the dice and see!  
>  Weeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrowowowowowpaapapapppaaaaaa.

I tried to get info out of Lexicon which would have made
this stuff predictable. I never got to speak to anyone who
could even understand the questions.
Basically there's times when a param in the A preset doesn't
have an equivalent in the B (or vice versa of course), when you morph
from A to B then that param heads off either to 0 or 64 (as if
that param was in B and set to 0 or 64, although you can't see it)
It's when those params go off to 64 that you get the extreme wierdness
in the middle of the morph.

>  On the MPX1, you can A/B between 2 versions of the same effect set with 
>  different perimeters.  Can you get really cool stuff this way?  And 
>  HOW.  Not quite as "mad scientist" friendly, but cool in it's own way.

Lexicon call this "Parameter Morphing" to distinguish it. 

As to Vortex sound quality, like the JamMan it samples at 32k
so you lose the very top of the frequency range. However apart
from the loss of those frequencies the actual quality is very good

andy butler
 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm">Lexicon Vortex