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looping gig in NY this Sunday

Todd Reynolds performs more premieres of The Reynolds' Etudes by Phil 
together with Kathy Supove's premiere of Phil's 'Pictures of an
Exhibitionist'.  details below.  The Reynolds' Etude are looping pieces one
and all using Reynolds' rig which includes an Eventide Orville and an
Echoplex.  None of my own music this time, but if you have not heard
classical music's contribution to our looping mayhem, this is  profound
composer from that side of the industry.  truly beautiful stuff.

all the best to my fellow loopers,



Pictures of an Exhibitionist

On the evening of Sunday April 13 at 8:30 pm, Roulette will present two of
New York¹s most celebrated new music virtuosi in music of Phil Kline.

³Exploding² pianist Kathy Supove will give the premiere of Pictures of an
Exhibitionist. Described by the composer as ³a warped American
Kinderszenen,² the suite of character pieces is based on childhood
photographs of Kathy taken by her eccentric engineer-inventor father.

Also featured on the program will be violinist Todd Reynolds, performing
selections from The Reynolds Etudes, an ongoing series of pieces Kline is
writing for the non-pareil plugged-in fiddler.

For further information, call 212-227-6255 or email boombox@mindspring.com

Roulette is located at 228 West Broadway at White Street, NYC 

Admission is $10