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[looper's] RE: Repeater: balanced I/O?

Title: [looper's] RE: Repeater: balanced I/O?

> Repeater doesn't have enough.  It's unbalanced.  As long as you're not
> going to far, this shouldn't be an issue.

Unless you are trying to plug into a balanced chain, in which case, you'll
break it.<<

well, not so much "break" it as defeat it.
a balanced 1/4" jack (i.e. a regular insert/stereo headphone style 1/4") in an unbalanced socket will have cold and ground shorted, which is the "cheap" way of converting between them.

if you're really bothered about it, there are all sorts of boxes on the market for adapting unbalanced devices, both the connections and the levels, to a balanced environment.

most studio outboard these days has to offer both mono jacks and XLRs, since most mid to high-end desks have unbalanced connections for their channel and group inserts.

the repeater, because of it's original pricing point and it's target market, is closer to stomp-box territory and designed to work in an unbalanced environment.

if you /do/ use A-form (GPO) balanced jacks in your studio, though, it's unlikely that these will actually work with the repeater's jack sockets, although it won't damage anything.

you really need to use mono B-form (i.e. normal 1/4" jacks) with it, and adapt these to the balanced environment externally, either by shorting cold to ground or by using a proper converter.



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