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Found Objects tonight

Hans said:
>I'm pleased to announce that Armatronix will be playing this Saturday,
>April 5th at Chumash Auditorium, Cal Poly as part of the 2nd annual
>Loopstock festival (organized by Yours Truly).

Oh yeah, and in case any of you would like to go to an event tonight, but 
fear all neighborhoods outside of Oakland, California, my Found Objects 
night is also tonight.

Bring an object from home for these guys to make music with:
Gino Robair
David Kendall
Andre Custodio
Stephen Ruiz/Zygote

April 5, 8pm $6-10
21 Grand Gallery
449B 23rd St @ Broadway, Oakland

Locals can see nice write-ups on this event in the East Bay Express or San 
Francisco Bay Guardian.

Matt Davignon

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