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Re: Free loopalicious gig this Sunday in London!

Great, its good to hear about looping gigs in the UK. Sorry I can't make 
keep letting us know.
 At 21:37 04/04/03 , you wrote:
>Greetings loopsters,
>very late notice I know, but I've only just been booked - this Sunday I'm
>playing on the free stage at the Barbican in London with
>vibist/percussionist Orphy Robinson (former Jazz Warrior, signed to Blue
>Note) - we're on from 6-7, before the Kip Hanrahan thing kicks off. It's
>free to get in to see us (it's in the foyer/bar area), and should be 
>good, with muchos loopage - me with two EDPs and an MPX-G2, and Orphy with
>an RC-20...
>come on down!
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