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RE: [LOOP] [looper's] new toy

Title: RE: [LOOP] [looper's] new toy

a few too many button-pushes required to use the required PC's directly, I'm afraid.... but what I could do, and how anyone else might do this would depend what other gear they had, is map the existing, easy-to-get-at, one-press PC's (the ones that correspond to the default internal voices and GM bass patches) to a bunch of presets in my pc1600. the pc1600 in turn would send the right PC's and other setup data on a whole bunch of channels to everything else in the rig. now I'm wondering if the fcb1010 responds to incoming PC's......


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I've been looking at getting one of these for about two years now to use
on my Chapman Stick, for exactly the reasons you describe: not so much as
an accompaniment unit (although that seems cool as it is), but for the
potential of a customizable set of triggers of MIDI commands for use with
my Repeater and/or the rest of the Electrix rack or the Nord (currently),
and an Echoplex (eventually), essentially an FCB 1010 without taking up
even more of the stage than I already do :). The Jambass looks to be an
innovative concept. I'd like to hear more when you actually get a chance
to test it out.

Steve Burnett
Subscape Annex (micro-gig spam - next show this Saturday, Raleigh NC)

 On Thu, 3 Apr 2003 goddard.duncan@mtvne.com

> any of you seen the kellar jam-bass? (www. jambass.com)
> I just got one, largely because I thought it was such a mad unexpected idea that I just had to try it. upon closer investigation, it would seem that the thing has great potential as a midi controller for those of us using guitars or basses with our looping devices.

> the unit has built-in bass and percussion sounds triggered by the strips of membrane pads that are attached (by sticky stuff) to the back of y'r guitar neck. (they are positioned in two rows to coincide with the frets beneath the E and A strings of a regular-scale guitar).

> it also has midi-out, and transmits a limited selection of PC's on channel one, corresponding to some GM bass sounds.
> I suspect there's a way of generating other PC's but I'll have to have a play with it....
> so it doesn't seem like a great leap to have mr kellar re-write the midi bit with (more easily) user-configurable PC's to drive one's repeater (say). at the moment, the manual suggests relocating your favourite effects patches/presets (in a pod, say, or other midi box) so that the jambass can "find" them with it's existing implementation of PC's...

> but so anyway, I haven't taken it home and tried it yet. can't wait!
> duncan.


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